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The consumption of gasoline or diesel fuel decrease, up to 40% with HHO cells So we can inject the hho gas in our engine, without it changed the carburetor, all motors can be powered by hydrogen! And theres no need to change!

As we said before there is also the problem that pure hydrogen is difficult to handle in the combustion, but here the gas is added to the normal fuel car (which is not modified in any way). The HHO gas that we are going to inject, improves the combustion of our engine and consequently the thermodynamic efficiency, and that is where you RIPARMIA, polluting much less!

But from where comes the energy needed to produce hydrogen Combustion, that before could not burn all the fuel injected now that you do so, reducing the emission of black smoke and unburned hydrocarbons, but also generates more power with the same fuel as before, paying off plenty of energy expenditure incurred to produce hydrogen. The energy from the alternator and then subtract from the engine to charge the battery that powers the cell is more than you get from burning the hydrogen produced, but the hydrogen burned with our normal fuel so improves the performance of our engine to repay the energy costs borne, in fact it consumes much less.

In summary, because mounting an HHO cell on your car? There are many environmental benefits that may be enough, but you do it because the fuel-saving 20 to 40%, thus consuming much less pay for themselves quickly spending to mount the equipment, which costs about 900 euros.

Other benefits of the HHO / Hydrogen

• The system costs less than a LPG or CNG and will save even more

• It also works on diesel or LPG or CNG already doubling the ripsarmio!

• No changes to the car

• It's good for cars boats trucks generators, everything that has a motor

• It 'a little bulky

• It costs less LPG

• DISTILLED WATER WORKS! Will mount as an LPG system on a diesel engine, which already is 20km with a liter and it will reach 28, 33! But rather than 1200-1300 euros a gas it costs 900, also, you can also attach both to have a car fuel consumption really ridiculous.

I tried for a long time to build a house, and my knowledge of mechanics and electronics that are not basic ... after finishing the soldering iron to build and edit the various cells that continued to have the same problem Autel MaxiSys Pro, or after heat up a bit I decided to buy one already done.

it, I'll tell you what to do if you try to DIY, and even who to contact to buy a generator hho already up and running autel maxidas ds808. I live near Pisa, Pontedera, if you want to come visit or seek help in achieving your generator call me.

Guys we are talking to "reduce consumption" so that at least there must inform well, look on youtube hho and if you know a bit of English you'll see some beautiful, Computing and save!

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