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We have all seen or we see daily wrapped in a jam. The feeling of frustration that grips us is large and each bears it as he can. There are cities like Madrid or Barcelona where this is a chronic problem at peak times. But what can we do when going to and from work becomes a chore?

jams occur for any reason, can be a light, a roundabout, a rail intercepted by works or other unpredictable factors such as an accident, a heavy rain or any other circumstances requiring some vehicles to slow such as the addition of vehicles to the road or frequent lane changes.

Some studies with circulation stopped, it is estimated that each driver starts a second later than before it. This will hold in a mile, the last car will start two minutes and a half later than the first. If it is 20 kilometers will take almost an hour just to get all the cars are launched.

Within a jam should consider some tips and follow certain guidelines to minimize its effects:

traffic information on the radio can be of great help to avoid jam or to find alternatives in case of being trapped.

not change this often unreasonably slow lane even more traffic.

If into traffic from other routes, must yield to the first row which is incorporated. It is a predictable behavior that brings fluidity.

provides for a longer retention is necessary to check that there is sufficient fuel. In a jam the car spends a lot of gas to keep the engine so long " idle " Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Consumption per kilometer may be higher in a marching congestion at 120 km / h on a highway.

stops are longer, should stop the engine. It is estimated that is cost effective disconnect a modern fuel injection engine if it will stand more than two minutes.

After get unstuck never try to recover the lost time. The day could be supplemented by a large fine or worse, an accident caused by nervousness. Better to use the phone and notify the delay.

After all these comments, remember that the important thing is to remain calm and know that sooner or later will come out of there Autel Diaglink. So take the jam with sportsmanship, turn on the radio and listen to your favorite music.

, leaving tips like these will continue to improve our daily driving.
because it is important for road safety. Stress the wheel causes countless accidents a year that could be easily preventable with the right attitude when driving.

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