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Sturdy Champion for mobilizing heavy-duty resources

Railcar movers offer a cost-effective and speedy option for rail-to-road and inter-yard transfers. Whether moving raw resources or finished products, you can find the exact railcar mover from the Tractmobile stable. The latest three models, Titan, Viking and Hercules are with most superior specifications to satisfy shrewd customers who look for speedy, reliable and cost-effective mode of rail-road transit. If you need mobilizing heavy loads via railroad using railcars, Titan trackmobile railcar mover is the best option for you.

Elite and superior railcar mover

Titan trackmobile is the largest and strongest new kid among the three new magnificent railcar movers. Titan is the popular and cost-effective choice for heavy shipping needs. Titan is easy to maintain, consumes less fuel and leaves a small carbon print. Also it meets all safety regulations and requirements for equipment safety Autel MaxiSys Pro, operator safety and facility safety. The changeovers from rail to road and vice-versa are smooth, speedy and seamless assuring you of fuel saving and increased production.

Unique features of Titan trackmobile

A Titan trackmobile with a Cummins Tier lll 260 BHP @2500 RPM engine has an easy & simple but effective control system. With its bi-modal transport system and dual control system, pivoting power steering wheel, two heavy-duty customized couplers, large operators cab with high visibility and seat-integrated programmed throttle and other controls, MAX-TRAC wheel slip control, MAX-TRAN automatic weight transfer system, air-operated sanders and air-suspended cab/body frame, Titan trackmobile is here to please you with its versatility Autel MaxiSys MS906TS.

Engine power of titan trackmobile

Titan trackmobile, king of trackmobile railcar movers, with its tier III electronic engine, has features like

1. Turbo-charged 6-cylinder diesel engine.
2. Very high tractive effort (single or double coupled).
3. Cast-steel, heavy duty weight, transfer couplers (electronic control for forward/reverse gauge).
4. Electronic controls with DF Funk series, for forward and reverse four speed power transmission with torque selection and converter.

Stable & safe shipment made possible

1. Throttle control & Command Master Control Area Network (CAN) bus control system ensure added safety, reliability and onboard diagnostic facility.
2. Automatic wheel-slip control.
3. Automatic/manual power-shift transmission.
4. Digital instrumentation/gauge display for early warnings and optional shutdowns if needed.
5. Seat-mounted and within-reach finger-tip coupler & train air brake controls with 100 CFM screw compressors.
6. Pivoting mainframe with four point wheel contact
a. For immediate weight equalization on four rail wheels to get the right amount of traction.
b. Manage operation smoothly on uneven tracks.
7. Remote ground radio control for added safety and optimal productivity.
8. Automatic and instantaneous neutral gear engagement, parking brakes and engine shutdown.

Operator friendly railcar mover

Today Titan trackmobile is renowned for built-in features to ensure the comfort of its operators like:

1. Arm-rest built-in accelerator, transmission, brake and horn control.
2. Video-max system for visual reference.
3. Larger cab with facilities like space for personal gear, utility, document tray, sun visors and other features.
4. Ergonomically compliant swivel, air-ride, high-back seats.
5. Full 360-degree visibility.
6. Optional air conditioning.

Best in industry for heavy use - âEURoeNo load too largeâEUR

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