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Vision Car wash it is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Vision is young company with the newest and latest technology in auto detailing. We use quality chemicals to enhance the look of your cars. The vision is only company in Hampton Road use eco-green chemicals for auto detailing.

We provide an Auto detail service throughout Hampton Roads: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake. Since the area is near the ocean, it is MUST to clean cars routinely due to the salt air surrounding this area. We are mobile, so we can send our detailing cars at client's location.
We are a fully self-contained mobile auto detailing service that conveniently performs high quality detailing on-site at your location.

We have cleaned, polished and waxed everything from daily drivers to million dollar classic cars to luxury boat.
If your vehicle's paint doesn't shine, we have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and polish the finish to a durable and brilliant shine. If your interior leaves much to be desired, we will thoroughly clean and shampoo it and leave it fresh and spotless.
After your vehicle looks perfect we will then set you up on a regular wash and wax maintenance program to keep it that way. Give us a try, you will not be disappointed.

We offer Professional Full Service Mobile Detailing to your home or business in Hampton Roads Area.
We carry our own Purified Water, Power, use Quality Products and have Continually Trained Detailers.

We Guarantee 100% satisfaction! You have a Dirty Car and Need to be cleaned? WE Come to YOU!
Check out our mobile car washing and detailing service packages below.
Of course we are always happy to customize the services to suit your needs!
If you live in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, we are ready to go wherever you are!

We currently have website: and included our articles and frequently ask questions to give our client knowledge of auto detailing and car maintenance.

Our Exclusive 5-Step System

Step 1

Our Forced Air Extractorâ„¢ thoroughly cleans between and underneath seats, inside dash seams, venting ducts, and all hard to reach areas Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

Step 2

Turbo brush vacuuming removes deeply embedded sand, dirt, hair and animal dander.

Step 3

Dual action brushing and our biodegradable shampoo loosens and emulsifies dirt Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, oils, and stubborn stains.

Step 4

Our exclusive Italian Dry Steam Systemâ„¢ lifts and removes any remaining residues, leaving your carpets and upholstery bright, soft, and dry.

Step 5

All vinyl, leather, and plastic surfaces are hand cleaned with our unique cleansers and conditioners leaving a non-oily protected surface.

Your interior will look and feel like new again!

Compare Exterior Cleaning Methods

Most exterior detailing services provide washing and waxing or a restorative buffing and polishing process. Washing and waxing gives your paint a cosmetic shine that can wash off very quickly. Buffing and polishing is a common method offered to restore a dull, rough and scratched paint finish.

Unfortunately the abrasive swirl patterns that everyone recognizes in the reflection of dark colored car finishes are often the result of standard waxing and polishing methods.

We believe you deserve a better finish for your money!

Our Exclusive Paint Renewal System

Our exclusive guaranteed swirl-free paint renewal system and custom formulated aircraft wax coating will give your cars finish the highest gloss and longest lasting protection available.

Step 1

A thorough Pressure wash of all exterior paint and trim using safe biodegradable cleansers.

Step 2

Restoring your surface texture by removing gritty rust and metallic particles.

Step 3

Our special Water Polishing Systemâ„¢ and European polishes removes swirls and fine scratches creating a brilliant luster.

Step 4

All exterior rubber, metal, and plastic trim are cleaned and conditioned.

Step 5

Finally, your finish is protected with our high-gloss wash-resistant aircraft wax coating that is guaranteed to out last and out shine the competition.

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