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Honda has always been one of those brands that keep producing very good cars. They are in no way a one hit wonder, because they keep bashing out new and improved versions, and sometimes new cars completely. They really set the bar high with the adored and idolised Honda Civic, and then they went and completely obliterated the challenge by producing one of the worlds first fully functional and actually usable hydrogen powered cars. Thanks to their philosophy about the power of dreams, they seem to remain largely undaunted by all the trials and tribulations that face the automotive industry on a day to day basis, which leaves them with the time and ability to turn their weirdest and most wonderful ideas into an amazing reality.

One of there most interesting cars at the moment is the Honda CR-Z. This isn't one of their most ridiculous creations - you can actually find these in used Honda dealerships, after all - but I think it is a car that really shouldn't be overlooked as much as it is. After all, if nothing else it is a beautiful car, stylish and strangely akin to that famous cousin (brother?) of its, the Honda Civic. Everyone has watched the evolution of the Civics design for years, and it is clear that Honda believe it to be attractive, aerodynamic and sporty. As such, they seem to be happily rolling it out to other models, making them all tie together really neatly.

The CR-Z is a very different car to the Civic when it comes down to it, however. It is, after all, a petrol hybrid, and as such is built more for practicality and ease than for speed and extreme levels of power. I actually prefer this - it makes far more practical sense to have a car that drives beautifully (it is a Honda, after all), and which delivers a decent level of fuel economy too.

Being a hybrid you would expect some impressive mileage figures, as this is always being pushed as the reason to have a hybrid car. However, a lot of them seem to completely miss the point, and despite of (or in spite of) the hybrid technology they tend to deliver largely disappointing and unimpressive figures. Thankfully the CR-Z isn't yet another one of these cars - they actually manage to give you some bang for your buck. The figures specifically report a combined miles per gallon of 56.5 in the 1.5 litre option - no mean feat!

Add to that the fact that the Honda CR-Z comes with a couple of other versions too, and the CR-Z suddenly becomes surprisingly tempting Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Personally I would want the GT version for performance and drive alone, but generally speaking each of the three options are sporty and efficient. That makes them suddenly a worthy consideration when setting out to find your next car, when perhaps the thought of buying a CR-Z would never have even crossed your mind before. This may well be the most tempting hybrid on the market!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry Autel Maxisys MS908CV. Here he discusses Used Honda cars.
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