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Safety. Quality. Environmental care.

These are the three core values that Volvo lives and works by. In fact, the company does make sure that each of these three core values is very much included during the whole process of creating, designing, and producing a vehicle. Because of this, many people who know Volvo lovingly dub the company's vehicles as "vehicles with a heart". After all, Volvo simply makes sure that their vehicles continuously give out concern and care for the well being of each person that their vehicles touch.

Many people have become living testimonies of the capacity of Volvo vehicles to provide utmost safety for passengers and drivers alike. If you would be able to hear their stories on the crashes, accidents, or collisions that they have survived because they were driving or were riding in a Volvo vehicle, you would be very much surprised to find them still alive and suffering no serious injuries. And most of these people were thankful that they were in a Volvo vehicle when the accident occurred so much so that they immediately went to a dealer and bought the very same type of Volvo vehicle that they were using during the accident or they bought another vehicle but one that still bore the Volvo concern for people's safety and well being.

You would be surprised to find out that Volvo has its own department that tests and makes sure that the Volvo vehicles would provide utmost safety during unwanted accidents that could cause people to lose their lives or suffer from grave injuries. This department is the Volvo Traffic Accident Research Team Autel MaxiCOM MK808. The deputy head of this department, Thomas Broberg, explains, "This gives us the opportunity to study how well our protective systems functioned. This kind of research is a vital link in our drive to build safer cars." This is the very reason why it is very vital that if we need to replace any part of Volvo vehicles like Volvo S80 parts, just make sure that it is also made from quality material and from trusted sources.

John Fredrik Gronvall, further states, "In reality, every crash is different and there are millions of crash scenarios. Volvo's in-depth studies allow us to see how our systems work in real life. We can reconstruct the accident and repeat it in the controlled environment of our laboratory." Gronvall is the manager of the Volvo Traffic Accident Research Team Autel MaxiDiag MD808.

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