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It's a fact most states require trucker to secure their loads. The best way to achieve this is to secure loose loads with a tarping system. A good tarping system is durable, waterproof and has a hydraulic or electric wind up system that makes covering a load a snap.

It's the law! Dump trucks, trailers, trash haulers and any truck with an open cargo area are required to contain the load with tarps. A simple tarp with bungee cords may serve the purpose; the better way to do the job is with a permanently mounted tarping system Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.

These systems are available for truck bodies and trailers ranging in size from 12 feet through 38 feet in length. You have a choice of manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic operating systems depending upon tarp size and application. When fully operational the load is safely contained and there is never a risk of material flying out of the truck while it is on the road autel online, causing possible accidents and death.

Retractable covering systems are usually manufactured using polished rust-free aluminum, galvanized steel or mild steel components. The vinyl mesh coverings are high quality 18 oz. or 22 oz. vinyl to provide semi-waterproof or waterproof coverage depending on the requirements. Many different colors are available, but the most popular are blue and black. If an anti-pollution screen is required a mesh material can be ordered from the supplier with a variety of weave strengths including the tarp industry leaders; mighty mesh and multi-mesh. All of our covering systems are guaranteed and built to last under extreme hauling conditions. Our tarp systems meet State requirements for load covering!

Tarp manufacturing has come a long way in recent years as new advances had been made in the industry with stronger and more durable tarps. Durable blue poly tarps with weather resistant polyethylene are the most common types, but there are many special applications as well. Tarping systems can be used for securing lumber, steel, rock, sand and debris, grain, or asphalt.

Wind up systems

There had been also advances made in how quickly and safely tarps can be secured to the trucks. Most high quality tarping systems have a spring loading mechanism to make tarping quicker, easier and safer than ever before. For the ultimate in convenience and speed choose electric or hydraulic winding system. All winding systems must also conform to most state, county and municipal laws requiring open trucks and trailers to contain their load securely. Among the many tarp wind up systems there are three main categories you can choose from; manual, hydraulic or electric wind up systems. The tarp wind up systems are usually powered by high torque 12VDC electric direct drive motors.

Quality and durability of the cover material is the key when it comes to tarps since the load these materials are subjected to can vary from application to application. The most common vinyl materials used for truck tarpings are classified by weight. The 14 oz vinyl coated polyester is the most popular as it's a lightweight vinyl that lends itself well for use on a wide variety of tarping system applications. The next category is the 18 oz vinyl coated polyester, which is most commonly used for over-the-road protective covers such as steel, lumber, or grain covers. This vinyl has a high tear strength and moderate to heavy abrasion resistance. The most durable and heaviest is the 22 oz vinyl coated polyester. It's about 25%-30% stronger than 18 oz vinyl. It's a erfect fit where the highest abrasion and tear resistance is needed.

Michael Chase is a freelance writer for Virgo fleet specializes in truck tarping system including the widest assortment of big rig accessories on the Internet. Virgo Fleet is the top retailer for custom dump truck tarping systems and many other quality truck parts.
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