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If you enjoy adding custom modifications to your vehicle like I do, then please read this article as I dive into some of the most state of the art custom lighting products offered on the market today.

Today, now more then ever, car modifications are very popular. Adding modifications to your vehicle will differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

Many people that own stock vehicles seem to blend in with the rest of the people driving stock vehicles. It may seem like you are driving something special until you see somebody else driving your exact same car.

There is absolutely no reason to have to drive the same car your neighbor is driving. With all the different vehicle modifications you can make to your vehicle, the possibilities are endless autel maxisys ms906.

If you just look solely at lighting possibilities, you will be amazed just how extreme you can change the look of your vehicle. First, lets take a look at the ULX330. This is a 16.7 million color changing LED under car kit that includes 4 LED light bars that offer many selectable scanning, strobing and breathing patterns.

You can even control this system outside of your vehicle with the included infrared remote control. When the lights flash to the beat of your sound system, a crowd will draw every time.

There is also the SL210 is a 4 piece suspension lighting system, which comes in 5 different colors and showcases brightness control, strobe, and breathing patterns and will also pulse to your music as well.

This suspension lighting system features the brightest LEDs in the world. The LEDs are mounted inside a compact metal housing that is shock and waterproof. I installed this kit on my own vehicle 4 years ago and it still draws a crowd at custom car shows, especially when the lights pulse to the music. If you have nice rims, this kit is a must have!

Other simple lighting modifications include adding a scanner. A scanner is a visual theft deterrence that contains very bright, highly visible LEDs that amongst other patterns will scan back and fourth. Often, having a car alarm is simply not enough to deter someone from breaking into your vehicle Autel MaxiDiag MD808.

A scanner lets others aware that you have an alarm installed on your vehicle. The best part about this product is you don't need to have an alarm in order to you this great visual theft deterrent.

My vehicle was broken into when I lived in an apartment located in a not so nice area. I believe the potential thieves were looking for my wheel locks as I had very nice rims at the time. Luckily they didn't find it, however my window was broken which costs $250 to replace and the tint was another $30. Since I added a scanner, I have had no issues.

There are many forms of interior lighting including Hyper LEDs. This LED kit is constructed to fit in tight areas such as the vents in your vehicle. Don't stop there though, you can install these LEDs just about anywhere you want illumination!

I actually have these LEDs in my own AC and heater vents. They look amazing at night and most definitely enhance the inside of my vehicle and can certainly be used in other places as well.

Many automobile enthusiasts who wish to create a truly one-of-a-kind look for their vehicles depend on custom lighting to set their showpiece apart from the rest in popular car shows.

I have spent several years customizing my car and have added various lighting kits for demonstration in car shows to win competitions. I would like to recommend this company for anyone that like to add custom lighting to their vehicle. They seem to have anything you are looking for.

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